Spring Cleaning

Guest Blogger: Ken Byler, Owner, Higher Ground Consulting Group, LLC

It was a ritual of my childhood. Sometime during the months of March or April (depending on how cooperative the weather was) my mother would enlist me and my siblings to assist with her annual spring housecleaning.

The chore list was exhaustive including washing windows, laundering curtains, cleaning every room in the house, and doing outside landscaping chores. I admit disliking some of the tasks but mom made work fun.

The end of any winter season, however cold and dreary, is always a welcome respite for one’s soul.

Leaders may find new energy as warmer winds and sunny skies usher in the promise of new beginnings. Seasonal activities often pick up and consumers typically hit the stores just to get out of their homes. It’s a time when new orders may be ready for production and the phone begins ringing with requests for new proposals.

This Spring season will likely include both opportunities and challenges. My cleaning theme is a reminder that some leaders are ill-prepared for either scenario.

If you have been hunkered down this past winter trying to survive what has become a consistently inconsistent business malaise you just might need to do some sprucing up personally and as an organization.

A good spring housecleaning plan for your business might include:

  • Remodeling the office or storefront,
  • Finding new ways to engage employees,
  • Reaching out to current and past customers,
  • Revisiting the latest tax rulings and accounting practices,
  • Spending time on leadership development and staff training,
  • Overhauling internal processes, or
  • Conducting a refresher in the key elements of customer service.

Like my annual housecleaning rituals, some of these activities won’t be much fun.

Employees may not fully embrace the fresh ideas and new approaches that will be required to succeed. As a leader you might not have the discipline or courage to acknowledge places where your performance is still stuck in the throes of winter’s doldrums.

But that’s no excuse! It’s time to grab that broom, pick up that pail and sponge, and put on those overalls. Spring is here. Are you ready to make a new beginning?

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