A Tax Preparation Checklist

Preparing for tax season can be a daunting task. However, with the right checklist and organizational strategies, the process can be streamlined, ensuring that all necessary documents and information are readily available when it comes time to file. Here's a tax preparation checklist to help you gather your tax documents for your accountant:

Tax Preparation Checklist for Individuals

Personal Information:

  • Social Security numbers for yourself, your spouse, and dependents
  • Dates of birth for yourself, your spouse, and dependents

Income Documents:

  • W-2 forms from all employers
  • 1099 forms for independent contracting, interest, dividends, retirement, and other income
  • Documentation of any other income (rental income, alimony, social security, etc.)


  • Mortgage interest statements (Form 1098)
  • Property tax statements
  • Receipts for charitable donations
  • Medical and dental expense receipts
  • Educational expenses (Form 1098-T and expense receipts)


  • Childcare expenses (provider's tax ID and amount paid)
  • Educational credit information (Form 1098-T and receipts for educational expenses)


  • Sale of stock or bonds (Form 1099-B)
  • Contributions to IRAs or other retirement plans

Other Documentation:

  • Health Insurance statement (Form 1095-A, B, or C)
  • Last year's state and federal tax returns for reference if you are a new client
  • Any notices received from the IRS or other tax information

By using this tax preparation checklist, you should be able to reduce stress when it comes time to gather your tax documents. Remember, the key to a smooth tax season is preparation and organization.

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