Genesis Fitness Centre

Julian Hauck is in the business of offering individuals an opportunity to have a fresh start. His company, which he founded in 1985, got its name from the Bible; Genesis was Hauck’s new beginning.

Before embarking on his current entrepreneurial path, Hauck set his sights on a career in clinical psychology. Having grown up in a dysfunctional family he had a burden to reach out and help others. He earned a B.A. in psychology and a B.S. in health and physical education from East Stroudsburg University.

For more than 25 years, Hauck has been fulfilling his mission of helping others by providing people in the communities he serves with an opportunity to add fitness to their lifestyle. Genesis has a staff of nearly 75 employees between the location in Harleysville and at Club EZ Fit in Souderton. Hauck mentors the staff from a position of servant leadership. His management philosophy has created a culture that employs people with a “can do” attitude and a desire to serve others.

“Genesis’s concept is to help people become the best they can be,” says Hauck. “And at our facilities we have a structure that can really help you accomplish that goal.” “Our program includes education in cardio training, resistance training, personal assistance, and weight management,” Hauck states. “When a person joins Genesis we do a goal assessment and a fitness assessment, then combine the two and come up with a program that will lead to success. And we keep helping you. Every three months we reevaluate your progress and make adjustments.”

Julian’s wife, Bernadette, has played a key role in the business from the beginning. She handles bookkeeping responsibilities, manages staff, and compliments Julian’s purpose driven vision for the company. She also finds time to run a busy household that includes their four children.

With all of his success, Julian is quick to give credit to the Lord for his faithfulness. Having a thankful heart keeps Hauck focused on his mission to help others achieve their personal best. Detweiler Hershey appreciates this dedication to serve others. We are pleased to highlight Genesis Fitness Centre as an example that new beginnings don’t just apply to fitness goals.

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