Building and Benefiting

Guest Blogger: Ken Byler, Principal/Owner, Higher Ground Consulting Group, LLC

Building is something I know how to do. One of my earliest jobs was in the construction industry. I supervised a crew that built post frame structures, primarily for agricultural use. Now my work involves building stronger teams and better leaders.

The dawn of a new year and decade is a good time to reflect. What am I building as a leader? Who is benefiting from the work I am doing? How would you answer these questions?

Move Beyond Personal Resolutions

Many of us make resolutions to launch a new year. Things like exercising more or losing weight. While personal goals make sense, leaders should think beyond themselves. Is your team healthy and cohesive? Are you investing in their personal and professional development? Are your organization’s products and services benefiting the greater good?  

Leaders should use their gifts to build up and benefit others.

Everyone has gifts. How can you ensure that those gifts are nurtured and shared?

Tips for Building and Benefiting Others

Leaders should focus less on what they cannot do. Viewing my inadequacies through the lens of someone else’s competence won’t inspire me or those I manage.

Instead, I must acknowledge what I can do. My gifts and talents serve a purpose. Refining those talents into strengths is how I make the world a better place.

Here are some tips for building talents and benefiting others.

  • Model emotional intelligence. Adjust your mindset when the situation requires.
  • Practice lifelong learning. Model curiosity and openness to the ideas of others.
  • Be accountable. Hold yourself and those you serve responsible for results.
  • Show courage. Not bravery or daring but authentically representing who you are.
  • Act boldly. Put your credibility on the line. Challenge the status quo. Face your fears.
  • Stay humble. Set aside your ego for the sake of others and the organization’s success.
  • Admit mistakes. Seeking forgiveness is powerful and worth it.

Leaders who focus too much on themselves don’t inspire the rest of us. It’s tempting to be competitive or critical. That’s the easy way. But it doesn’t build or benefit others.

A new decade is a great time to celebrate the gifts others have that we might lack. It’s a perfect opportunity to model a better way of leading. How will I use my own gifts, or affirm the gifts of others, to build and benefit my workplace, community, and the world? How will you do the same?

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