Common Ground

By Jim Rittenhouse, CPA, CVA, MAFF, Shareholder

Disagreement seems to be the word for year 2020.  Mention anything and it is likely there is strong opposition to whatever was said.  The skill of disagreeing, while remaining in communication, is on the endangered skills list.  Much has been written on this topic, yet few fully embrace what is happening.

Rather than the pursuit of happiness, we now pursue winning every social interaction which makes someone a loser.  Producing losers creates hostility which changes the focus from what we have in common to that which we do not.

I do not pretend to have the solution to what is happening with society’s communication skills.  The University I attended a lifetime ago had a small café named Common Grounds.  Perhaps the “grounds” were a play on words for the coffee ingredients, but the common element is just as important.  At this café, friends could meet and discuss their differences and also explore “common grounds.”

Perhaps more time and energy should be spent on where we agree on and finding common ground.  The noise of communication dissonance may still surround us, but perhaps year 2021 can introduce a new phrase – common ground.

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