Doing Things, the Hard Way

By Guest Blogger: Ken Byler, Owner, Higher Ground Consulting Group, LLC

I learned about work ethic from my father.

Some of my earliest memories include helping dad with chores or traveling with him to rural farms as the operator of a portable feed mill. His commitment to provide for his family and maintain our home have shadowed me throughout my life.

My Experience

I grew up believing that anything worth doing wouldn’t be easy.

There are plenty of self-help authors who make it sound like this isn’t true. Modern-day parents often coddle their children to keep them happy. An entire generation or two seems to believe that life and work should be easy.

If you are one of those persons perhaps you should quit reading right here.

My childhood mentoring has served me well. At age 67, I still maintain a daily 2-mile aerobic walk routine, motivated by the discipline learned by rising early to milk cows as a teenager. I volunteer at my church and enjoy maintaining our flower gardens.

My professional career often includes activities that I find hard to do. Networking events test the limits of my introverted nature. Prospecting and preparing for sales calls drains energy. Coaching appointments challenge my abilities to listen empathetically.

Why It Matters

I have learned that doing things the hard way yields its own rewards.

My business and professional career have grown beyond expectations because I was willing to pursue a dream. The discipline of exercise has kept me remarkably healthy, even as I approach the 70-year milestone. I have met great people and developed strong relationships because of a willingness to move outside my comfort zone.

Dad didn’t pursue his work ethic so he could advance a career or accomplish something memorable. His life was spent working quietly behind the scenes doing things well even when no one was watching.

That is the point I hope to make with this brief musing.

Doing things, the hard way is about doing things the right way, regardless of who notices.

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