My Christmas Wish List

By Ken Byler, Principal/Owner, Higher Ground Consulting Group, LLC

Do you have a Christmas wish? Online retail giant has made it satisfyingly easy to fulfill. Their wish list option allows all my family members to present a wide array of gifts options. I can peruse and purchase any of them without leaving my house.

I already have enough material stuff. So, my Christmas wish list contains some intangible qualities. These are things I long for in leadership, but sadly can’t find much of these days.

If you are a leader, pay attention. These attributes are listed in no particular order.

  • Honesty. We especially need this from elected leaders and those in charge of social institutions.
  • Competency. Too many leaders aren’t really qualified for the job, and it shows.
  • Empathy. When you are self-centered it’s hard to be concerned about the needs of others.
  • Clarity. Take time to explain rationale and structure the message so everyone gets it.
  • Humility. Recognize how much you really need others to help you succeed.
  • Passion. Let’s see some energy and enthusiasm for what you, and we, are doing!
  • Collaborative. Be willing to work well with others and honor what they bring to the project.
  • Encouraging. Constructive feedback and meaningful praise show you notice the contributions of others.
  • Boldness. Courageously challenge the status quo and take risks when needed.
  • Vulnerability. Show everyone you are human by admitting mistakes and asking forgiveness.
  • Loving. Yes, loving your work and those you work with is allowed.
  • Visionary. Tell us where you are going and why it makes sense for us to join you on the journey.

As a leader myself, this list may seem a bit intimidating but it contains some of the key ingredients needed for personal and organizational success. Don’t look for many leaders to post this wish list anytime soon on

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