Reflections About Money

By Jim Rittenhouse, CPA, CVA, MAFF, Shareholder

The mailbox is full this time of year with requests for money.  Letters from charities and churches, catalogs from retailers, year-ending tax forms, and brightly polished investment opportunities.  They all want something you have – money.

Something we prize so mightily, everyone else seems to want to take it from us.  Is that because money controls us or do we control it?  Seldom do you hear of a person saying they are satisfied and have enough money. 

Limited resources and unlimited desires create dissonance.  How can one live life to its fullest in this scenario?

A few simple reminders may be helpful this time of year. 

  • Never spend more than that which you earn.  If you are not sure how much you earn – find out.  
  • Use your credit card only to the extent that you can pay the amount borrowed each month.  
  • One does not go broke paying taxes.  Taxes are not pleasant but are part of our society today as they were in ancient times.  Plan for taxes – you know they are coming. 
  • Give something to help others.  We are not owners but only stewards of the resources we are blessed with during our years of life. 

Money does not buy happiness even though our actions dictate it will.

Plan for the money you have at your disposal.  Develop spending priorities and savings priorities as none of us is able to work forever.  Perhaps consider doing without. Stop keeping up with your neighbors as to whom can spend more.  Find someone who can hold you accountable for your spending decisions. 

Give a gift to yourself and gain control over your money.  Perhaps you can then say, “I am satisfied.  I have enough.”

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