Reflections on 2020

By Terry L. Nase, CPA, Manager

I am ready to bid 2020 a farewell as I am sure most of you are as well. 

Hopefully 2021 will be a better, happier, and safer year to look forward to.  COVID has changed our lives and presented challenges to our daily educational, home and business routines.  This disease has caused harm in the form of business closures and death. 

It has changed how we work inside and outside of our offices.  Many of us are still working remotely without knowing when or if we can return to a normal business environment. 

The economic, physical, and mental havoc this disease has rendered is almost immeasurable.  Mental health issues have increased dramatically in the form of physical and mental abuse, domestic violence, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse. 

With the anticipation of a vaccine to get this disease under control, my hope is to see a much better and sunnier outlook for 2021. 

We are very grateful in owning two dogs that, through all of this, get us out for a daily walk and some form of normalcy to our lives.  I am thankful that they play a major part of our lives as all they know is to interact and show us love each and every day. 

I hope all of us see a better more optimistic and happier 2021 to get back to the enjoyment of life.

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