Taking a Break

By Ryan Thomas, Staff Accountant

Mental health has recently been an area in my life where I have devoted more of my attention.

Now, I know mental health has become sort of a hot topic where it seems everyone has an opinion. While this is a great thing, some individuals have abused this subject to try and sell a product for their own personal gain. We should not let these individuals deter us from taking our mental health seriously. We use our mind every day, shouldn’t we want it to be at its best?

While I am not a mental health expert, and will not pretend to be, I feel mental health is not a one-size-fits-all topic. What works for someone else may not work for you. I do not think the activity matters as long as your mind is getting a “break” from the daily grind.

Most of us in professional settings use our brains constantly. While many may argue they can sustain this mental work indefinitely, this is impossible. Eventually it will catch up with us.

Which is why it is so important to give our minds a break. This means a break; setting aside a block of your day devoted solely to something other than work. This may be painting, writing, going for a walk, golfing, having coffee with a good friend, or whatever you find enjoyable. For me it is running.

I have always found running as sort of a method of meditation. I know some may find this crazy and find running to be anything but meditative. However, I have found running to be the perfect mental break for myself. I look forward to putting on my running shoes, getting outside and putting in a few miles after work.

Of course, going on a run does not magically take away my stress. However, I do find that after my run, my mind is clearer and ready to focus on the stressful task at hand. As I said before, your mental break does not have to be going on a run, it could be anything. If it allows your mind to “rest” you could see similar benefits.

I could go into the science of mental health and why it is important but there is an abundance of this information available already. What I want to focus on is for you to just start!

So often the key to starting a new habit is taking the first step. So, I encourage everyone to take the first step. Set aside 10 minutes a day to focus on an activity that you find rejuvenating. Try to do this consistently for a week, then two weeks, then a month, etc. With each day, hopefully you will begin to develop a habit of setting aside time for your mental health!

In closing, I hope we all act, and begin to focus on our mental health. With the world around us ever-changing, we need our minds to be sharp, to take on the next obstacle life throws at us. So, take a minute and give yourself a break!

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