The Value of Reading

By Nathan C. Weaver, CPA, Manager

With the rise of powerfully small cameras and phones capable of displaying high-definition video, some people may find it quaint to talk about the value of reading.

However, reading is not something to be pushed out of our daily life.  Reading has helped me reduce stress, exercise my mind, and learn. 

My favorite types of reading material are printed.  This is probably due to the reality that my work involves using computer screens to complete many daily tasks.  Printed material can easily be “marked up” or annotated with underlines, comments, and notes.  There is no battery to charge or concern that a young child will wreck the material if it is dropped.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to printed reading material.  Pages deteriorate over time, they take up physical space, and can be difficult to sort through unless some sort of reference system is in place.  It can also be tough to quickly search for words and phrases after the material is read.

Regardless of your preference—printed text or words on a screen—there are still dividends to reap from reading.

Trouble finding something interesting to read?  Well, I recommend talking to someone you respect and find out what they have read recently.

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