Cost segregation services at Detweiler Hershey help clients who have recently purchased, outfitted or retrofitted commercial properties. This allows clients to take advantage of an accelerated depreciation schedule, ultimately helping them save taxes and improve their cash flow. During a typical cost segregation study, the various components of a building are evaluated based on separate depreciation schedules instead of considering the entire building under a single schedule.

Those who may benefit from this service include multiple unit apartment building or trailer park owners, owners of manufacturing plants with assembly line equipment or those who outfit a facility for lease occupants.

The Detweiler Hershey difference begins with the engagement of an independent engineering firm whose expertise is cost segregation work. They provide the technical assessments before we calculate any potential savings. A written report supports any reclassification for the IRS and provides an audit trail.

Your existing or new property assets could yield significant tax savings, which may improve the cash flow for your business.